I D E N T I T Y 

It's not as easy as saying your name or describing your favorite food. For me it's so much more about how I function and the traits and qwerks that I deem important. Throughout my final semester at UA I spent about five months photographing myself doing everything. Like, everything. There's still moments that I try to wrap my head around how I let things go unnoticed in my own existence, but what happened was an incredible moment when I finally resonated with who I was, understood who I wanted to be, and allowed myself the chance to be unfiltered. It was freeing.

An immense amount of gratitude and credit goes out to the instructor* that taught me to be fearless behind my caemra - for supporting my outrageous thoughts, for creating a safe place for my brash attitude, and for allowing (and encouraging) me to take a chance and explore bits and pieces of myself that I had been far too fearful to ever encounter. This is a compilation of the images that tore me down, built me up, taught me, scared me, inspired me and quite simply - helped me find an inner passion for knowing where I come from. 

*Props, Serge J-F. Levy. You are among my greatest teachers and incredible inspirations.